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Mykyle - See Her

MYKYLE is a 15yr old South African born male Singer, Songwriter/Producer from Johannesburg. He began creating music at the age of 2 & started recording his own songs officially when he was 11. Within that year Mykyle was discovered by CeeLo Green(Grammy Award Winner, Singer/Songwriter/Producer & former coach on The Voice) in Los Angeles United States, in December 2014. CeeLo has since been a mentor, supporter & family friend to Mykyle. CeeLo was instrumental in exposing Mykyle’s music to A&R’s from the States. Mykyle has since decided to launch his career at home in South Africa first.

During primary school, Mykyle participated regularly in singing shows, completed Voice exams with Trinity College & was Lead singer in the school band. He also played the piano, marimba’s & drums. He lead a School Choir & won the Best Performer Award in a musical theatre production. A year ago Mykyle decided to sacrifice being with his friends & having a normal high school life, to pursue his dream. He is now an A-Grade homeschooled student, while juggling a full-time career as a musician and performing artist. Even though he has been blessed with music, his life has not been without challenges, like having his parent’s separate when he was 3, dealing incidences of racism and bullying at school, and overcoming disappointment and negativity along the path of his music career, but this has all shaped him into the young man & talent he is today.

Mykyle creates melodies with ease, & writes candid yet relatable lyrics from his own life experiences. He is passionate about making music that is honest. His preferred genres are hip hop, trap and urban pop. He chooses not be labelled by one vocal style & can go from singing to rapping effortlessly. Mykyle has three forthcoming Singles (from his EP - written by him when he was 14yrs old) the first of which is entitled SEE HER. This urban-pop song is a playful yet catchy track about the innocent feelings of a boy attracted to a girl, based on an experience he had at a party once. The forthcoming Singles will showcase Mykyle’s musical scope.

His EP was mixed at Universal & mastered in California by the same Engineers who work with Justin Bieber, Chris Brown & Adele. Mykyle is no stranger to big concerts having performed to 3000+ people, between Lochnville & Sketchy Bongo & at the Valley of Lights in Cape Town & alongside TimoODV at Madison Avenue in Johannesburg, a couple of months ago. He is now working with 2-time SAMA nominated Executive Producer Emblazon aka ProducedbyVAM (famous for producing for Da Les - North God, Chianosky, Burnaby, Maggz & Khuli Chana) & SAMA winning Producer - The Gobbla (co-producer of Nasty C’s Bad Hair album in 2017). Mykyle launched his EP on 16 June 2017 in the spirit of youth day, alongside Major League, Okmalumkoolkat & Reason. He officially releases his first Single “SEE HER” in July 2017 followed by 2 further singles before his Album release. Wise beyond his years, Mykyle is a gentle & modest personality about to surprise the world with his musical prowess.

Words he uses to describe himself: “Funny, Independent, Bold, Crazy, Intelligent, Rebel” His favorite Quote: “I do it because I can, I can because I want to. I want to because you said I couldn’t”

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